‘The Umbrella Academy’: No raining on this parade

“Life is short, and if you wanna do something, you just gotta go for it.” Funny enough, this quote is from Hazel, a temporal assassin.

Yup, that’s “The Umbrella Academy” for you.

I just finished all 10 episodes of “The Umbrella Academy”, which is based on the Dark Horse comic book series by Gerard Way. And I absolutely love this Netflix Original Series.

Here’s a The Verge review that I feel captures what makes this series so great. It’s not every show that can make you care about all the characters — even bad guys like Hazel the temporal assassin.

“Tonally, Umbrella Academy lands somewhere between Legion and The Tick in its mix of drama, action, and absurdity. The Umbrella Academy keeps some aspects of its surreal source comic, like the children being primarily raised by a robot mother (who gave them their names) and a sentient chimpanzee, and Number Five being hunted by a pair of time-traveling assassins wearing cartoon-character masks. Where the comics move at a breakneck pace, Blackman slows things down to skillfully flesh the story out.”

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